In its early years, Campania’s designs, under the artistic direction of Peter Cilio Sr., were based on traditional European historical precedents. In time, however, Campania looked beyond classic old world traditions and distinguished itself in the marketplace by developing unique and original copyrighted designs which demonstrate a uniquely American perspective.

Peter C. Cilio, Campania’s creative director, is now responsible for the creation and selection of the Campania product line. His discerning eye, developed from a keen interest in garden design, architecture and art history, has proven an invaluable asset. While Peter continues to explore and refine classic garden traditions in his designs, he is not afraid to innovate. His introductions range from refined classicism to elegant whimsy, and from cutting edge modern to sophisticated country. Since Peter is an avid gardener, he understands what is appropriate for garden art, especially texture, patina and the softening effects of age and weather. This sensibility, combined with clean lines and a sense of proportion create the classic Campania look.

In house, Peter is responsible for the design and mold-making department, the cornerstone of which is Eddie Martinez. Eddie is a self taught artist with multiple skills, from plaster modeling, sculpting and woodworking, to moldmaking. Eddie and Peter collaborate continually to refine and realize Peter’s design concepts. Eddie’s expertise and artistic sensibility are instrumental in the development of all aspects of Campania’s cast stone creations, especially our distinctive fountains and containers. His talent and commitment are integral to the success of our cast stone designs.

Peter also oversees a group of talented independent artists and craftsmen. For the past ten years, Campania has been privileged to work with master craftsman and technical advisor Ahmed Suliman. Ahmed is a classically trained artisan and master of period architectural ornament. His expertise also includes work in scagliola and architectural restoration. Ahmed’s extensive knowledge and talent in all aspects of the creation of architectural ornament and molds is an invaluable resource. Employing his knowledge of color and pigment, Ahmed also consults with Peter C. in the development of Campania’s new patinas.

Some of Campania’s best loved animals are the work of Ken Memoli. Ken’s animated creations, whether whimsical or realistic, bring garden sculpture to life. Ken most enjoys sculpting figures, wonderful examples of which can be found in the Campania line. Ken always knew he wanted to sculpt and was inspired by his grandfather, a sculptor whose work includes projects on Mount Rushmore and Stone Mountain, Georgia. Ken studied sculpture at the University of Hartford and Oklahoma University, and has been doing independent and commission work for over 22 years. Ken has been designing for Campania since 1999.

Fiona Jane Scott was born in Kenya where her father, a colonel in the British Army, was stationed. The family moved often during his time in the army and Fiona experienced many places and lifestyles. But as she moved from place to place, it was the garden that became her haven and refuge. Fiona always loved art and creating. Captivated by the stories her mum read to her as a child, she wanted to become a toymaker like in the old fairytales. This love of fantasy and her love of animals have inspired her to create mythical dragons and other whimsical creatures for the garden. She began sculpting in 1992 when a friend asked her to create a sculpture for her garden. She has not stopped since. She has worked on special effects for two of the Harry Potter movies and is now a full time sculptor living in Hove, England. In 2006, she started her own company to produce her distinctive garden statuary. Fiona has now brought her passion for imaginative high quality garden statuary to Campania for our newest line of cast stone garden ornaments –Mythicals.

Each member of Campania’s design team is characterized by an abiding passion for their craft and creative process. It is this passion which continues to invigorate Campania’s reputation for design excellence and innovation. Campania’s original designs are copyrighted and bring distinction to every garden center that carries Campania product.

Peter C. Cilio – Creative Director

Ahmed Suliman – Artisan

Eddie Martinez – Sculptor

Ken Memoli – Sculptor

Fiona Jane Scott – Sculptor


Sadly, this past December, we mourned the passing of our dear friend Mary Smith. Our most prolific sculptor, Mary worked with Campania for over 20 years. A self-taught sculptor and painter, with a background in textiles, Mary was a talented master of subjects and styles who thrived on variety and artistic challenges. Her beautiful and enduring designs, from birdbaths to sculptures, are some of Campania’s most beloved pieces. An avid gardener, Mary often incorporated beautifully rendered botanical motifs in her designs. Her designs are classics of the Campania repertoire and are a testament to her exceptional talent and creativity. Always smiling, Mary radiated youthful energy and inner calm. Her boundless artistic and intellectual curiosity and positive outlook on life and its challenges were inspirational to all who knew her. She is missed by all of her many friends at Campania.


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