Recent Update Letter to our Partners

Hello Friends and Customers:

In the small town of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, the Campania team, one hundred members  strong, faces many unique challenges every day. But at each turn, we make sure to keep our  core beliefs at the front and center of our business: we put our customers above all else; we  create beautiful, useful, and well-crafted products; and if something’s broke, we fix it. Our new  consolidated direct container program, fountain redesigns and improvements, customer loyalty programs, and lightweight product expansions are all successful examples of these beliefs.

In this 2017-2018 new catalog, we share our new and existing creations. This biannual extraordinary undertaking is our benchmark for success in creating beautiful, valuable, and lasting products. We hope that you agree.


As you browse through the catalog, please take a moment to look at our new wall fountains on pages 51, 54 and 55. These fountains were designed with inspiration from Peter’s recent  trip to Provence, France. They are simple in design and elegantly proportioned. We are also  confident that you will be excited by our new stylized owl and cat, Dr. Hoo and Checkers.  These pieces are much more than garden décor – they are garden art.

Finding innovative, stable glazes that belong in a garden is becoming more and more of a challenge. We are especially excited about three of our new glazes: Spruce, Macintosh Red,  and Blue Pearl. These three colors are true finds that meet the challenge.

Our glazed collection is not the only line featuring brand new colors. We are thrilled to introduce three new cast stone stains; Pietra Nuovo (PN), Ferro Rustico Nuovo (FN), and Nera Nuovo (NN). Intended to replace our existing acid stains, Ferro Rustico (FR), Pietra Vecchia (PV), and Terra Nera (TN), these enhanced patinas are a result of Campania’s commitment  not only to the environment, but to our employees’ safety, and do not compromise our dedication to quality. In fact, they consistently outperform our acid stains, and will help us provide  our customers with the best possible product.

We have also invested significant time and energy in redesigning fountains to simplify assembly and reduce splash. The fountain featured on the cover of this catalog, the Echo Park  Fountain, is a great example of simplified assembly. This large fountain’s pump is easily  reached and connected to the water feature through the top, providing customers with easy access to the pump without the need to disassemble the fountain. Three of our newest fountains, the Palos Verdes Fountain, the Westover Fountain and the Wiltshire Fountain, have been designed with channels for water flow,  which will help control and reduce splash. In addition, we have launched a new quick connect fountain assembly system which significantly reduces  fountain assembly time and aggravation.

You will notice throughout the catalog that we  have responded to your request for more lightweight product. We greatly extended our line of  stained-to-order glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). We now offer 26 planters in various classic and contemporary styles, as well as two state-of-the-art fountains. This expansion allows our  garden and streetscape designers to use strong, durable, concrete-based products that are 70%  lighter than our cast stone line. Our Lite® collection also continues to grow alongside our GFRC  line. It now includes new, glossy surfaces and a sizeable increase in square and rectangular planters, yet remains the industry standard for high quality, lightweight, and resilient fiberglass composite planters. And last, but not least, we have worked on lightening some of our popular cast stone items, such as the Andalusia fountain. The Segovia fountain has the same great  design as the Andalusia, but is scaled down to a size that is one foot smaller, and is about 1/2  of the original weight.

We are proud of our team and our work. We diligently keep our core beliefs at the front and  center of our business: we put our customers above all else; we create beautiful, useful, and well crafted products; and if something is broke, we fix it. We invite you to visit us in Pennsburg, so we can showcase our thriving team, our hard work, and our beautiful products.

Until then, thank you for your partnership and friendship.



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