Recent Update Letter to our Partners

Hello Friends and Customers:

Latin music is blaring from the far side of the vast cinder-blocked room with its 25-foot ceilings.  On one side of the room, excelsior coats the floor of the area heavier than straw in horse stables.  On this field of excelsior, there is a row of 12 large Campania labeled cardboard boxes.  In front of them, inside them, and all around them are pallets of Campania products and the men responsible to securely and safely place them into the boxes.  The pieces range in size, color, purpose, material and they are all beautifully crafted, made by hand, and uniquely Campania.

The other side of the room is dominated by 12 roller conveyors where artists are creating magic with yellow sponges and brushes.  They are applying the cast stone patinas by hand in the exact same manner in which they have been applied for decades.

In the middle of the room stand Peter and I.  With arms gesticulating, we are engaged in a Spanglish discussion about our new Skinny Crete pots with Kevin, Juan Carlos, Zac, and Ernesto.  These men are directly responsible for everything happening around us and they have broken away for a moment to discuss this exciting new line of products.

For us, this is May.  The sense of urgency that envelops the room, envelops every part of Campania.  There is motion everywhere. We are pouring, grinding, picking, staining, packing, writing, selling, ordering, solving, inventing, shooting, editing, driving, motivating, talking, arguing, cursing, and laughing.

It is Peter’s and my circus and we could not be happier.

As you read this, we are taking a deep breath, as this May has passed and we are looking ahead to the next one.  In your hands is our new 2019-2020 catalog.  It presents one the largest and most comprehensive collections of ornamental and architectural garden products available today.  More importantly, it highlights all that is Campania and the team that makes it possible.  Without you, our customers and friends, it would not be possible.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

Enjoy the catalog.

Best wishes,

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