Natural Aging


Campania cast stone planters and statuary will age naturally over time as they are exposed to the elements. Campania’s patinas are intendedto create the illusion that the cast stone has already begun its naturalaging process.

Part of the natural aging cycle for all cast stone products is a chemical reaction between salts found in natural materials and water. This reaction is called efflorescence. The degree of efflorescence will vary depending on weather conditions.When Mother Nature produces rainy, cold, windy weather, the calcium carbonate (salt) contained in the raw materials used to make cast stone will be drawn to the surface and will appear as a chalky white residue on the surface of the piece. This residue will disappear as more of the same weather conditions complete the efflorescence cycle and will disappear as the chalky whiteresidue washes away. The efflorescence process occurs only once.

Other than efflorescence, iron oxidization is another natural occurrence that may appear on a very small number of birdbaths and fountains. Bowls and basins hold water and are continually wet. The raw materials used as ingredients for cast stone birdbaths contain minimal levels of iron.When iron reacts with water, a powdery pink or orange residue can appear on your birdbath. This effect is not caused by interior structural supports, since many of your Campania pieces are engineered to be strong enough without such supports.

Each piece of cast stone will age differently. Mother Nature will ultimately determine the appearance each piece will acquire as it ages. However, these natural processes can be minimized by scrubbing and cleaning the affected areas with a soft brush.

Campania works hard to minimize the effects of efflorescence and oxidation while maintaining a natural looking product.We have consulted with many specialists concerning these reactions and constantly test our raw materials to ensure minimal amounts of salt and iron.While these reactions are minimized, they still occur. Many customers believe they enhance the aged character and uniqueness of our cast stone products. Indeed, these natural processes can be used as a selling tool since the weathered finishes created by Mother Nature cannot be precisely duplicated by the hand of man. Please contact our Customer Service Department with any questions you may have concerning the natural aging of Campania cast stone products.