Chalmsworth Bowl- Lead Lite (S/3)

Chalmsworth Bowl- Lead Lite (S/3)

Available Fiberglass Finishes:
Product Code: 94-014-3403

Material: Fiberglass
Texture: Standard
See Description for Available Additional Colors

94-014-3403 Set of 3 Weight: 57 lbs.

94-014-3400 37.5″ Diam. x 17.5″ Base: 24″ Diam. Weight: 29 lbs.
94-014-3401 28.75″ Diam. x 13″ Base: 17.5″ Diam. Weight: 17 lbs.
94-014-3402 21.75″ Diam. x 10″ Base: 12.5″ Diam. Weight: 11 lbs.

Additional Colors Available: Onyx Black Lite, Concrete Lite, Rust Lite

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Available Fiberglass Finishes

Concrete Lite, Lead Lite, Onyx Black Lite, Rust Lite

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